Tuesday, 26 August 2008

UKCIG outline's visa process in Ajman

As many who closely follow real estate news in the UAE will know, the laws surrounding visa applications and visa granting have now changed.

UKCIG has been trying to collate infomration relating to all of the Emirates but as of yet can only definitively comment on Ajman. We now know that people purchasing property in Dubai will not be guaranteed visa's.

From statements released by various government organisations the reasoning behind the majority of the changes has been to curb the ever growing problem of illegal workers and immigration.

UKCIG has learnt that visa's will be renewed now every year in the Emirate of Ajman as a pose to every 3 years as previous. Residency visa's will also only be issued once the buyer gets posession of an apartment, and the developer issues a no objection letter.

For more information I would suggest visiting the Zawa News website to find out about visa requirements in Ajman.

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